First of all, remember that all students progress at different rates, and both patience and practice are important as they begin to learn to play an instrument. If you are not sure about the rate of your child’s progress, or if he/she is getting frustrated, please contact our office so that we can put you in touch with your school’s director for advice or to schedule extra help. As a last resort, you may decide to switch your child to another instrument. If you are renting an instrument, your child is certainly able to switch to another instrument.

In most cases, there is no charge for switching. For example, flute, clarinet, trumpet, bells, and snare drum all have the same rental fee; therefore, no additional charges will be incurred if your child wishes to switch from one to another. The alto saxophone has a slightly higher rental fee than the aforementioned instruments, and specialized instruments (not offered to beginner players) have slightly higher fees. Please contact our office if you are interested in switching your child to another instrument.