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Yamaha and Eastman Instrument Rentals

Paul Effman Music provides only the most trusted instrument brands, so your child will never be held back in their musical journey.

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Brands Preferred By Educators

We asked every band and orchestra teacher which brands they prefer, and the response was unanimous. Yamaha and Eastman are the most respected and reliable names in music, along with brands such as Buffet, Jupiter, and Conn-Selmer.

That's why we only rent the very best educator approved brands.

*Specialty and background instruments may be made by other trusted brands (i.e. oboe, french horn, bass clarinet, baritone, and tuba).

All-Inclusive Damage Protection

  • Included with all rentals free of charge
  • Protects you from costly instrument repairs
  • Covers Maintenance, Repairs, and Accidental Damage

We Are Committed to Music Education

Music education plays a pivotal role in the cultural and creative development of a child.

Our commitment is to nurturing a generation that understands and values the power of music, ensuring a future where the arts continue to thrive and enrich our lives.

We strive to be your musical partner throughout your child's entire musical career. With over 40 years in business, we develop meaningful relationships that last decades!

Flexible Rental Programs

Affordable rental options for everyone.

School-Year Rental

Starting at:

$139No Hidden FeesOne-Time Fee, includes tax and damage protection

Rent your instrument for the whole school year in one easy payment for the best value.

Monthly Rent-To-Own

Starting at:

$17Four-Month Trial

Start your brand new Yamaha band rental with a four-month trial, then begin renting at a low monthly rate. Every payment goes towards the purchase price of the instrument.

In the case of strings, all payments can be applied towards the purchase of a new full-sized string instrument at any time.

Return your rental at any time to end your contract with no cancellation fee or further obligations.

Monthly Rental Fees Apply Toward Purchase

When you rent with Paul Effman Music, 100% of your rental payment is applied to the purchase price of your instrument.

Monthly string rentals are like-new instruments due moving up fractional sizes, but 100% of the rental payment can be applied toward the purchase of a new full-size string instrument at any time.

In-School & In-Store Service

Convenient repair pickup and delivery when you need it.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Whether your child is learning in school or at home, our exceptional service remains unmatched. We can visit your child's school for service, or you can stop in one of our retail stores!

Local Service Matters

When renting musical instruments online, it’s essential to choose a company that offers local service and support. Many online-only providers can’t offer in-person assistance or maintenance, leaving your child without help when issues arise. Opt for Paul Effman Music who can ensure reliable, on-site service to keep your child’s musical journey smooth and uninterrupted.

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