Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child tries an instrument and doesn’t like it?

First of all, remember that all students progress at different rates, and both patience and practice are important as they begin to learn to play an instrument. If you are not sure about the rate of your child’s progress, or if he/she is getting frustrated, please contact our office so that we can put you in touch with your school’s director for advice or to schedule extra help. As a last resort, you may decide to switch your child to another instrument. If you are renting an instrument, your child is certainly able to switch to another instrument. In most cases, there is no charge for switching. For example, flute, clarinet, trumpet, bells, and snare drum all have the same rental fee; therefore, no additional charges will be incurred if your child wishes to switch from one to another. The alto saxophone has a slightly higher rental fee than the aforementioned instruments, and specialized instruments (not offered to beginner players) have slightly higher fees. Please contact our office if you are interested in switching your child to another instrument.

Can I get a refund if my child withdraws from the music program?

If your child decides leave the program, you are not obligated to make any further tuition payments; however, rental and registration fees are not refundable. We strongly encourage that beginning students complete at least their first year of instruction before making the decision to leave the program. Please get in touch with our office so that we, along with your child’s teacher, can help find ways to keep the motivation and enjoyment going for your child.

Can the music teacher bring in instruments for my child to actually “try out”?

A child is not able to simply “try out” an instrument. There is a great deal of instruction given to students to just be able to create a sound. If your child starts on an instrument and wishes to switch at a later time, this is not a problem, and in most cases there is no fee for switching.

Registration forms were due last week. Is it too late to sign up for the music program? Can my child still get a rental instrument at the first lesson?

It’s best to get the form in on time; however, we welcome registration forms throughout the school year. If you are eager to expedite the registration process, contact our office by phone to sign up with a credit card payment. Please be aware that if your child’s registration form is not received by the printed due date, we cannot guarantee that your child’s rental instrument will be processed and ready for the first lesson. If we receive the registration form after the due date, your child will receive the rental instrument at the next lesson. Your child should still attend the first lesson so he or she hears the information given at the lesson.

I can’t afford to pay yet. Can I sign my child up next month? How will my child catch up with everyone else if he starts late?

Our teachers do their best to take a little time to work one-on-one to get new students caught up when they join the program late. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate students in the program or issue rental instruments until all introductory payments have been received (tuition, registration, rental fee, and any past due payments from prior years, if applicable).

Our school has an after-school music program. What time is my child’s lesson going to be? I don’t want to sign my child up unless the lesson time works out for us.

Each class is a half hour, and it is not possible for all students to be scheduled during the first session after school ends. You are welcome to request a time slot, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate scheduling requests. If you receive the schedule and you are unable to participate due to a scheduling conflict, you will receive a full refund.

Can I pay for my instrument rental or purchase in installments?

All rental and instrument purchase fees must be paid in full in order to receive the instrument. There are no recurring monthly fees for musical instruments.

If I was signed up for automatic credit card payment last year, will my payments continue this year, or do I have to sign up for automatic payments again?

Automatic credit card payments will not continue from the last school year. Please be sure to complete a registration form again this year, and check the box on your child’s new registration form if you wish to begin automatic credit card payments.

If I paid a registration fee last year, do I have to pay one again this year? Do I have to pay a registration fee for each child?

Yes. The registration fee must be paid at the start of each school year, and must be paid for each child in the program.

If my child did not have a music lesson every week in a particular month, do I have to pay the full monthly tuition amount?

Yes. Tuition is an annual fee broken into monthly installments. It is based on the total number of lessons per school year, not on the number of lessons per month. Makeup lessons will be scheduled if needed.

If I have more than one child, can I just use one registration form?

Please complete one form for each child. Payment information should only be entered on your oldest child’s form.

I already have an instrument, or I have already paid the instrument rental fee. Do I still need to pay a monthly fee? What is the monthly fee for?

Yes, a monthly fee applies to all students. The monthly tuition fee is separate from any instrument fees, and covers your child’s instruction and involvement in the music program. The tuition fee is $62 per month for one child ($102 for two children, $124 for three children + $10 for each child exceeding three).

My child wants to play drums. Should he or she start with a pad or a drum?

For instructional purposes, it is certainly acceptable for beginner students to start out on a drum pad (also referred to as a “practice pad”). However, many students prefer to have the snare drum rental.

Do I have to rent/buy an instrument from you, or can I find an instrument on my own?

You can obtain an instrument elsewhere if that’s what works best for you. Beware of low-cost instruments on the internet or at big box stores. Most of these instruments do not come with warranties or standard parts, and often do not work out of the box.
All instruments sold by Paul Effman Music have warranties and include free adjustments. All of our rental instruments include damage protection. Paul Effman Music has a renowned repair facility to handle instrument repair. If you are considering renting or purchasing an instrument elsewhere, please feel free to contact our office for advice.

When will I be billed? Do you send out monthly statements?

We do not send out monthly billing statements. Instead, you will be provided with a payment coupon sheet. If you are signed up for automatic payments with a credit card, you can disregard your payment coupon sheet. If you are making monthly tuition payments, the coupon sheet should be used each month, October through May. Payments can be made online by clicking here, or by mail (check, money order, or credit card) or by phone (credit card only). If you do not make a payment by December, you will be sent a billing statement, and will continue to receive billing statements monthly thereafter, until payments are received.

What are your lesson book policies?

All beginners receive Book 1 of our LJ Hutchen method book series. The band director will introduce LJ Hutchen Book 2 when educationally appropriate. It often requires two years to successfully master each book. More challenging materials are given to advanced student musicians who have completed both books in our series. If your child loses their method book, a new one can be purchased from your child’s teacher for $7. If an experienced student has not received a new lesson book during the present school year, he/she is entitled to one book at no cost if the book is lost.