Music is a fundamental component of a well-rounded education.

Enhance the excellence of your school by adding a music program today!

Each and every Catholic and parochial school is unique.
Our music programs are designed to adapt to the needs of each school.

Benefits to Your School

  • A strong music program can improve enrollment by demonstrating to prospective parents your school’s commitment to the arts.
  • Students in a musical group have a great sense of team and camaraderie, which serves as a great way to assist in student retention.
  • Our band, string, and ukulele programs are offered at no-cost to the school – increase your school’s offering without incurring any expense.
  • Expand your offerings to all students with general music and recorder programs for all 2nd and 3rd graders. We offer these programs as affordable add-ons to introduce all children to music.
  • Winter and Spring concerts provide an opportunity to invite parents to the school. The increased engagement with parents provides opportunities for your school to flourish.

Benefits to Students

  • Students in a school music program consistently score higher on SAT’s and standardized tests.
  • Music creates lifelong bonds and friendships, bringing together students throughout the school.
  • Participating in music is directly correlated with improved math and reading skills.
  • Group music allows for additional socialization opportunities
  • College-bound students with strong musical experience become eligible for thousands of arts and music scholarships, part of an estimated $46 billion awarded each year!
  • Students have an opportunity to express their unique talents in a positive and rewarding environment

Benefits to Parents

  • A student’s progress in music education is very tangible to parents. They get to hear their child’s progress at home through the school year, as they hear their beginning child’s practice go from strange squeaks and squawks to recognizable songs in a very short period of time.
  • Parents can rest assured their children are receiving an essential part of a well-rounded education.
  • Parents are always surprised to see their children gain tremendous confidence and self-assurance through performing with their peers in class and in concert.
  • See what PBS has learned about music education through Children’s Music Workshop:

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