Summer Music Programs

As a result of COVID-19 we are not offering any summer music programs in 2020. Please inquire online for information about virtual lessons.
Our Summer Music Programs vary by region. Availability of summer music programs will be posted on this page when available.

It is strongly encouraged that students continue their musical learning over the summer. Essential to musical success, is a child’s ability to maintain their physical development around their instruments.

Summer band provides a wonderful opportunity for children to continue their progress from the prior school year in an ensemble setting in a casual environment. The programs are open to all student musicians of any skill level. The program concludes with a group performance that parents are welcome to attend.

Why Join Summer Band & Strings?

While it sounds odd, playing a musical instrument requires “chops”. Chops is musical slang for an ability to play powerfully. It’s essentially describing dexterity and physical strength, including a players embouchure (a musical term describing how a players mouth is applied to a mouthpiece).

Some examples would include a trumpet players ability to play higher notes. Achieving a good sound requires strength in the mouth and lips to allow for a fast airflow to hit those notes. Students learn exercises throughout the school year to help build these muscles – the same applies to all the wind instruments. Even drummers require hand and forearm strength to maintain good playing position and playing speed – again a skill that is earned through repeated exercise of those muscles.

If any musician fails to play for months on end, they cannot just pick up the instrument and move on from where they left off. They will suffer a setback as they work to catch back up to where they were.
Even in the absence of a summer music program, your children should always be encouraged to continue playing on a regular basis over the summer. We suggest checking our collection of fun song books and play-alongs available at our online store.