Here are some helpful guidelines to consider when choosing between renting or purchasing an instrument.

If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, please visit our online store at

If you are participating in a Paul Effman Music program at a private or parochial school and are interested in renting an instrument, you will have the option to do so at registration.

When to Rent

You should consider renting an instrument if the following are true:

When to Purchase

You should consider buying an instrument up-front if the following are true:

Other things to consider

  • At Paul Effman Music, rental credit is always applied towards the purchase of an instrument.
  • There are often discounted buy-out options on rental instruments.
  • Many families choose to rent the first year or two, and as their confidence of long-term participation increases convert their rental to a purchase.
  • In the long run, purchasing an instrument is usually a better value than renting an instrument.
  • When evaluating your options, always be sure to compare “apples to apples”. Many inexpensive instruments have trouble out of the box, are not serviceable and can make it difficult or impossible for a child to learn. Paul Effman Music only rents the very best brands of student instruments with each music educators approval.