Why Your Child Should Play Music

Playing music in a band or orchestra program is so much more than just a hobby. Here are a few of the biggest reasons your student should join an instrumental music program today.

Higher Test Scores

According to the College Entrance Examination Board, Students in a school music program scored 107 points higher on their SAT’s than students who did not participate in music. (MENC, 2002)


It is estimated that $46 billion is awarded in collegiate scholarships each year in the United States. College-bound student musicians become eligible for thousands of fine arts scholarships – broadening their potential scholarships awarded.

Small Class Sizes

Our average class size for instrumental music instruction is six students to a teacher. These small group classes help maximize each students experience.


Music creates strong bonds and camaraderie between fellow musicians. Kids that participate in instrumental music form friendships for life!

Educational Benefits

It’s no secret, studies have repeatedly shown strong correlations between participating in school music programs and greater achievements in math and reading!